Inspired by old world traditions, created using modern techniques and tastes in mind. Something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their tastes or backgrounds.


When Pluto Was A Planet (Bohemian Pilsner)

Drops of Jupiter (Modern American IPA)


Based out of the historic Nimbus Winery Building in Rancho Cordova, FRB's mission is simple: to brew great beer and share it with you, so that you can enjoy beer as much as we do.

The Folsom Dam Good Pilsner won a Gold Medal at the 2017 CA State Fair!


A Sacramento institution now in its 7th year, Track 7’s approach to beer is in the vein of the firmly-hopped West Coast tradition, but without fidelity to a singular style.

Panic IPA has been called the "unofficial, quintessential Sacramento beer".


Based in Diamond Springs, Solid Ground Brewing is committed to crafting both traditional and cutting edge beer (and wine) styles. 

They are often breaking new ground by pushing the boundaries of beer using winemaking techniques; including barrel aging projects and blending wine into beer to create harmonious hybrids. 

But they also remain true to the centuries of brewing traditions of intercontinental beer styles.